Personal Development, Leadership and Business Development

Webbs Consulting provides services for businesses and organisations, in Sweden and in the United Kingdom. The services include lectures, workshops and extensive coaching programs for business leaders in personal development, leadership and business development. Webbs Consulting´s ultimate goal is to, cost-effectiely, create sustainable profitability and quality-of-life improvements for the customer. Pia Webb´s developed business model, Webbs quality-of-life model©, is the foundation of the business.

  • Lectures / Workshops

Webbs Consulting offers inspirational seminars and workshops in personal development, leadership and business development.


  • Personal Development (Confidential appraisals)

Webbs Consulting offers you as a manager confidential appraisals in personal development. We meet 6-7 times, 1.5 – 2 hours per session.

The goal of the confidential appraisals is for you to, through reflection and conscious choice, improve your current situation, find work-life balance and visualise your future, private as well as professional. It´s a positive process that is tailored to your needs, where Webbs quality-of-life model© is the backbone of the process.


  • Business Analysis

A survey of the existing situation is carried out on the employees and management. The survey covers Webbs quality-of-life model©‘s 10 quality-of-life sources. The result of the study provides a good basis to work from, when the business leader takes the next step and enters the leadership and business development program.


  • Leadership Development

Webbs Consulting offers you as a manager coaching in leadership development. It´s a positive process that is tailored to your needs, where Webbs quality-of-life model© is the backbone of the process.

We meet on 10 occasions, 2 hours per session; we then undergo a process that begins to look at what is expected from you as a leader. We cover topics such as delegation, communication, handling conflicts, your strengths and weaknesses and how they affect your leadership, your motivation, your feedback, your use of coaching as a leadership tool.


  •  Business Development

Webbs Consulting provides business leaders coaching in business development. The coaching model is a very cost effective way to develop and create growth and profitability for a company. When your company has completed the business analysis (see above) you will have a clear picture of the company’s current situation, which facilitates the coaching process.

The coaching process concerns broadly the following questions: Where you are today, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.


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“With an exceptional energy and a big and warm heart Pia took me on a life changing journey. She gave me the tools to take control over my work as well as my personal life. I am forever grateful for the time spent with Pia! It gave me the energy and structure I really needed that spring and I still work on my life plan with Pias words ringing in my ears. What’s holding you back? Perhaps it’s just you?”  

/ Helena Kaså Winqvist (The Secretary, The Swedish Guide and Scout Council)  


“In my profession as CEO, I have been coached by Pia several times, and can give my very best recommendations. As a management and personal coach, she is very committed, and good at notice the companies benefits as well as the individuals. Her way of coaching me really helped me find my strengths as a professional and I grew as a person as well. She builds immediate trust and delivers on and beyond expectations. “Pia is a highly professional coach. Her positive and enthusiastic personality is an asset in all areas of coaching.”  

/ Johan Lantz CEO (Svensk konstruktionstjänst AB)

“Pia Webb has felt very knowledgeable and professional in what she does. Clear and forthright. Happy! She has asked precisely those questions that I have out of convenience avoided. Or not even thought about. Today I have a stronger self-esteem and I make more consious decisions in my life (at home and at work) which has had a positive effect on my role as a leader and as a wife/mum.”

/ A client who has been though the coaching programs for personal and leadership development.