Quality of Life Model

Empower your people – Achieve sustainable success

The best organisations recognise their people as a valuable resource, they understand that people are emotional first and rational second and that their people must be emotionally engaged in order to be at their best at work.

By introducing Webbs Quality of Life Model© to your organisation, you will empower your people to develop whilst also achieving sustainable success for your organisation.

Why should you study Webbs Quality of Life Model©?

The model has the potential to create a sustainable win-win concept for your organisation. “Simply a great place to work” Quality of life for the individual and success for the organisation. Please contact Pia Webb for an inspiring initial meeting.

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Gallup research

The effect of Webbs Quality of Life Model© is backed up by the Gallup survey conducted on the 300,000 most successful companies worldwide. The results show that 50-60% of the employees are not doing their best and a total of 65 – 80% of employees are doing a lot less and feel much more sluggish in their work than they could be.

The study suggests that if all employees were performing at the peak of their abilities and also felt the joy of it, the effect would be 70% higher customer satisfaction and increased company profits of 40%

(source: Follow this Path: How the World’s Greatest Organizations drive growth by unleashing human potential, C. Coffman & G, Gonzalez-Molina, Ph.dD).


You can compare Webbs Quality of Life Model with other QoL models, see Googles “Images for quality of life”  hits here


Samples of testimonials

“The Webbs Quality-of-life model© program conceived by Pia is highly effective. It gives insights into ones inter-personal relationships, behavioral patterns, and leaderships styles. And these insights come in a natural way, as it were self-discovery. I must add that it is Pia’s sensitive and intelligence coaching that is really behind the phenomenal results ones with the program. I highly recommend the program to those who are seeking to balance work, family, and health and emerge reinvigorated.”… Read more

Webbs Quality of Life Model© is the foundation of Webbs Consulting. Please read more about our services here