Author Pia Webb


Founder of Webbs Consulting

Pias life is inspiring!

Nothing has ever been served on a plate for her. She has had to work very hard to understand and deal with all the issues that have been put in her way.

She doesn´t believe in treating the symptoms, she always wants to find the root of the issue and deal with it. She admits that her life hasn´t been an easy ride – but in the end she has achieved a sustainable change for the better.

She believes that everything is possible – as long as you put your mind to it!


Pia was one of the worst students in learning the English language. Her teacher in Sweden said to her when she was 16 years old. “Pia it´s too late for you, you will never learn English, so you might as well stop trying”. Well, she never stopped trying. She graduated with a 1st BA (Hons) degree in Marketing from University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom.

  • Traveled around the world
  • Saved IT companies and made them boom as a CEO (e.g. see seminar Dare to grow! From 4 – 60 million sek)
  • Suffered from and endured a burn-out
  • Been through the worst pain a parent can go through
  • Healed herself from severe MS-symptoms

Pia has turned all her experiences into forces for positive change. She is the founder of Webbs Consulting and author of Webbs Quality-of-life model©. She calls herself a Quality of life Consultant or Expert as many people now see her.

She is a certified life and career coach, accredited by EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at senior practitioner level. She follows her passion for people’s well-being by providing Life, Leadership and Business Coaching. She has even developed a brand new unique coaching model to do it with, Webbs Quality-of-Life Model©, which today is the foundation of Webbs Consulting. Pia is also a fitness instructor and the founder of Swedish Aerobics©. At the moment she runs classes in Rossendale, Lancashire.

QOL_Book_front_cover2Author of NEW revolutionary self-help book

Pia is the author of the self-coaching handbook “Improve your own quality of life – the Swedish way”. You can buy the book here!


Below you can listen to Pia talking about the book and also hearing other people sharing their thoughts.

The book will really help you to reflect on your life and see what steps you can take to improve it. Pia will personally guide and inspire you through-out.

The foundation of the book is Webbs Quality of Life Model©, which I´m the creator of. I´m on a mission to take the model global. You will be empowered to use the holistic coaching tools that come with the model and practice them as often as you like.

Out of the model, the quality of life source Health is Pias most important asset. She makes sure that she eats healthily, exercises regularly and sleeps welI. She enjoys being a fitness instructor in Swedish Aerobics© (which she also is the founder of).

Pia loves spending time in the sauna every week and being outdoors with her lovely family and cooking a great meal with them afterwards.

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