A Quality of Life company with a vision!

Mission – “To provide a holistic view of personal development, leadership and business development that cost-effectively leads to improved quality of life for the individual and sustainable success for the organisation.”

Vision –  “Pia Webb´s innovative Quality of Life Model has led to an explosion in employment and prosperity for organisations and individuals in Sweden and in the United Kingdom. Long-term, organisations world-wide will be able to be certified in Webbs Quality of Life Model©. This is “Simply a great place to work” – quality of life for the individual and success for the organisation.”

Core values – Personal, Professional and Reliable

Listen to the video about Pia Webb´s book, “Improve Your Own Quality of Life the Swedish Way”, visit www.piawebb.com for more details about the book.

About our founder  & Author Pia Webb

A bit of history: Pia gained a 1st class degree in BA (hons) Marketing from England and USA, she has saved IT companies and made them boom (e.g. see lecture Dare to grow! From 4 – 60 million sek), she has traveled around the world and also been through the worst pain a parent can go through plus endured a burn-out.

Pia has turned all her experiences into forces for positive change. Today she is a Quality of life Consultant in personal development, leadership and business development. She is a certified life and career coach, accredited by EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at senior practitioner level. She follows her passion for people’s well-being by empowering CEOs to identify the link between both their own and their employees quality of life. This  approach naturally increases levels of productivity and profitability for the organisation. Read more about her here

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Webbs Qualilty of Life Model©

Webbs Consulting offers workshops and extensive coaching programs which focus on the link between the individual´s quality of life and the company´s profitability.

Pia Webb, developed the Quality of Life Model in year 2009, Webbs Quality of Life Model©, which today the backbone of all our services.

Why adopt the model?

By introducing Webbs Quality of Life Model© to your organisation, you will empower your people to develop, whilst also achieving sustainable success for your organisation. The model aims to create a sustainable win-win concept for your organisation.

How it works

Pia Webb introduces CEOs and leaders to Webbs Quality of Life Model©. Once the leaders have adopted the model, it will be implemented through the entire organisation using a bespoke programme that meets the organisation´s needs.

When the customer´s needs and wants are identified, Webbs Consulting will put forward an offer with the appropriate type of workshop and/or coaching programs that, cost effectively, will increase the profitability of the organisation and the quality of life for the individual.

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Sample of clients

  • NHS (National Health Service)
  • Universal Music Publication
  • The Swedish Scout Association
  • FOI (Swedish Defense Research Agency)
  • SEB- Bank
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Lancashire County Council
  • Many SME companies in Sweden and the UK

Sample testimonial

“The Webbs Quality-of-Life Model© program conceived by Pia is highly effective. It gives insights into ones inter-personal relationships, behavioral patterns, and leaderships styles. And these insights come in a natural way, as it it were self-discovery.

I must add that it is Pia’s sensitive and intelligence coaching that is really behind the phenomenal results ones with the program. I highly recommend the program to those who are seeking to balance work, family, and health and emerge reinvigorated.”

/ Rohit Bhatia  former CEO at Seamless Distribution AB, Sweden

Read a sample of testimonials here